Empower Tomorrow, Recycle Today.


Leading the Charge in Battery Recycling for a Sustainable E-Mobility Future

In a world steered by electric vehicles and green innovation, the essence lies in the sustainable management of batteries. At revomet, we transcend traditional recycling, striving to revolutionize battery life-cycles. Our diverse expertise spans from battery recycling to nickel trading, underpinned by a team of industry veterans and pioneering entrepreneurs.
We're not just in tune with the e-mobility wave – we're shaping it. Every solution we craft bridges technology with nature, ensuring harmony between our forests and freeways.
Choose revomet, where vision, commitment and innovation converge for a brighter tomorrow.


Passion. Drive. Knowhow.

Our managing directors are not just leaders, but pioneers in the realm of battery and metals recycling.

With a rich tapestry of experience in spearheading projects and building successful companies from the ground up, their expertise is our foundation. Their profound knowledge and dedication ensure that we are at the forefront of creating environmentally-responsible and technologically-advanced recycling solutions for a greener tomorrow. Join us as we embark on a mission to reshape the future of recycling - one battery at a time.

Dr. Filipe Manjolinho Costa

Managing Director

Gregor Zenkner

Managing Director

Oliver Kleinhempel

Managing Director


WHY do we exist?

As the world hurtles towards a sustainable future, the imperative need to manage our resources and minimize waste has never been clearer. Batteries, with their crucial role in this transition, particularly in the e-vehicle industry, present both a challenge and an opportunity.

HOW do we approach this?

At revomet, our foundation lies in a deep-seated expertise spanning battery recycling, nickel trading and metals recycling. Merging these specialties with our vast experience in company building, we’ve assembled a formidable team ready to tackle these challenges head-on.

WHAT do we do?

We delve deep into the woods of battery solutions, championing the cause of sustainable e-mobility. We're not just about recycling; we're about reimagining the entire lifecycle of a battery. From forest to freeway, our mission is to harmonize technology with nature, fostering an ecosystem where both can thrive.



We champion the circular economy, striving to close the value chain loop from raw materials to end-of-life battery recycling. 


We excel in metal recycling, skillfully transforming used resources into valuable raw materials for a sustainable, eco-friendly future.


We offer end-to-end solutions in sustainable e-mobility and logistics, from battery recycling to metal trading and beyond.


Powered by CRONIMET's legacy, revomet benefits from decades of expertise in metal recycling. Our technical prowess, paired with a vast global network, positions us uniquely in the battery recycling sector. With our roots embedded in such a rich history and global connections, we're not just a service provider — we're your ideal partner in battery recycling.

Curious about our pedigree? Explore CRONIMET and CRONIMET Envirotec to witness our tradition of excellence firsthand.

If you have any questions or need further information, please reach out to us (info@revomet.com).